Pension Service for Cats

Cleanliness - Space - Presence

pension-pour-chatBoarding for cats only!

You are going on vacation, on a business trip, having renovations done to your home, or for medical reasons, you can leave us your beloved feline in all safety and tranquillity. At Toilettage et Pension Chat Mignon, he will be treated with great care!

Here, at Toilettage et Pension Chat Mignon, your cat will have its own room. He will never be in a cage or a condo (a cage that is a little bit bigger).

My home is situated in the countryside surrounded by trees and birds in a calm, harmonious, comfortable, very clean, without smoke and secure environment.

Characteristics of the cat pension:

  • Each room is very spacious;
  • Each room is fenestrated, which will give your cat the opportunity to be in contact with the daylight and the natural surrounding;
  • He will be able to observe the birds attending the bird feeders, which will entertain him;
  • Each cat boarding room is disinfected after departure;
  • Litter box cleaned a few times a day;
  • No carpets ou fabrics that can't be washed;
  • Rooms adapted, with chair and television, to receive visits and loving care ♡!

According to the number of cats from the same family, two rooms can be combined.

As a precautionary measure, the cats don't share the room with a cat from another family to avoid conditions that could bring conflicts, stress and health problems. Your kitty is treated according to your instructions and pampered with lots of love.

The hostess

Loving all felines, I will be the main care giver that will have the opportunity to take care of your animal.
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The cat boarding service includes: The litter box, the non perfumed clumping litter (cleaned a few times a day), blankets, structures to climb on, bowls (clean fresh water twice a day) and, maintenance.

Working from home, I assure a presence day and night. Spending a lot of quality time (petting and playing if your cat loves to play) is given every day distributed throughout the day. He will feel good and secure as I respect every cats temperament and he will be treated as one of my own!


All veterinary costs and travel time are at the customer's expense.

To bring

Bring his food, his treats, his medication if needed, certificate of vaccination, his toys, his scratching post and, his favorite blanket.

Certification of vaccines: Bring certificate of vaccination and proof of having been dewormed.

Prepare a list of persons to be contacted if ever needed.

Old age or convalescent cat

If your feline companion is of old age, convalescent or has reduced mobility, the room will be modified to avoid injury by jumping. 


We can board your cat from a couple of days to many months.

During his stay amongst us, it will be our pleasure if it is your wish, to give news by different means.

It is preferable to book your stay without delay.
It is possible to take an appointment to come and visit and discuss with us.
Do not hesitate to call for more information!

Opening Hours*  -  by appointment only

Monday 8h30 - 16h30
Tuesday 8h30 - 16h30
Wednesday 8h30 - 16h30
Thursday 8h30 - 16h30
Friday 8h30 - 16h30
Saturday 8h30 - 16h30
Sunday Closed    

*Pension service for cats : Available outside of regular business hours.